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Blog Posting now: The Feel Good Moral

Blog Posting now: The Feel Good Moral: Pseudo morality Sexuality   Televisions, stereos, computers, video games, and friends, there are other children who develop from t...

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Improve Your Energy Level And Positively Affect Of Your Life


If you are healthy and strong then you can do your best work... no secret there!

If you are healthy and strong then you will feel better mentally as well... also no big secret.

If you are healthy and strong then you can enjoy more activities in your leisure time... probably not the first time you ever heard that revelation either.

The ONLY surprise in those three statements is that so many people don't do much of anything to improve their health!

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity." John F. Kennedy

Here are 10 tips that anyone can do.

1. Set some very attainable goals... NOT big hairy goals that you will never meet and which will exasperate you. For example "I would like to lose 10 pounds this year" (break that down into 1 pound per month and go for it). You could set a goal to add 30 minutes of exercise (over and above everything you do today) every day.

2. To get healthier and stronger you need to affect your diet, your exercise and any bad habits (such as smoking/excess drinking etc.) that you may have.

3. Add some weight bearing exercise. Don't go crazy! You don't need to add big weights... just something. If you currently do NO weights then just get some light weights get on the internet and find some simple exercise. Do them very slowly and do them so that you feel it. If you already do some weights then vary your routines and/or add a little more weight.

4. Don't try to change your life all at once... take it slowly but do it. Do your weights while you watch your TV shows. Get an exercise machine in front of the TV and just add that 30 minutes of movement to your day.

5. Find a friend/partner/exercise buddy. It's always easier if you have a friend. Maybe someone will walk with you at lunch or after work? Maybe your son, daughter or spouse will keep you honest while working out in front of the TV? If you want to get really serious then get a personal trainer and commit to a program with them.

6. Change your diet... slowly. You don't need to change all of your eating habits overnight, but change things over time. If you are looking to lose weight then create a food diary. List everything that you eat or drink over the course of a week. Look for easy ways to affect your intake. For example could you replace carbonated drinks with the diet version (better still with water)? Could you reduce portion sizes just a little? Could you get your salad dressings on the side and only use half of it rather than all of that high calorie dressing. If you try to eat totally differently then you will be doomed to failure... if you change small things over time then you have a far better chance of long term success.

7. Drink water. If you feel hungry drink some water and give it 20 minutes before you succumb to eating a snack! Very often the hunger impulse can be "tricked" by drinking water, and in fact often the hunger impulse is actually because you are thirsty.

8. What can you do about those bad habits? You keep trying to quit smoking and it isn't working for you. You really enjoy those 3 beers while watching TV. Breaking bad habits is REALLY hard, so you need real motivation to have a chance of success. What could motivate you to make the change? If you see some improvement in your health because of the diet and exercise changes perhaps you will be motivated to quit smoking. Perhaps you can reward yourself by promising to spend the money saved from not smoking on a special treat for yourself? Maybe the motivation may come from knowing you are likely to live longer and spend more quality time with your family? YOU need to find sufficient motivation and often you will need help to stay motivated. Develop the motivation, put in place a support structure and them implement your plan to change!

9. Revisit your program monthly. How are you doing? What is going right? What else could you change? What could you do differently?

10 Reward Yourself. Change is tough and if you have made changes then you SHOULD reward yourself. You should be proud of your achievements. You should record those wins. You might even treat yourself to some small tangible reward... it could be a special dinner, a new piece of clothing or anything that you can associate with your success. Share that success with your support group too... maybe even treat them!

The real reward of getting healthier and strong is how you feel, and the ability to do things that others cannot enjoy. To be able to play soccer with your grand kids, to be able to run up those stairs to enjoy a vigorous day out without feeling every ache and pain. Too many people wait too long, become entrenched in their routines, are not willing to make the changes and they suffer for it.

"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." Buddha
Make some small changes today and see the effect it will have on all aspects of your life over time.     SEE MORE



How to Enjoy a Good Sex Life and Keep It Exciting


Every married couple goes through a bit of a rut in their marriage and this is happening to you and your spouse at the moment. The passion that was once there seems to be fizzling and that is a major problem for you two. You want to have a more exciting sex life but you don't know how to take the steps to make that happen.

You need some help to maintain a good sex life and to keep things exciting. You want to be able to have a sexier relationship with your spouse. Sex is important to the well-being of your marriage and now is the time that you did something about it. It is time to stop pouting and wishing that something was different. Now is the time that something actually was done about it.

In order to maintain a good sex life, things must be exciting and fresh. This means that the missionary position that you have grown accustomed to just isn't going to cut it anymore. Sex can get really boring when you know what to expect. This is why you need to keep things fresh. Don't be afraid to suggest a new position to your spouse for you both to try. Guaranteed it will spice things up in the bedroom and it will make you both want each other even more. A new position changes the way that you feel sex and it makes it more pleasurable.

Another way to maintain a great sex life and to make sure that it never fizzles out again is to keep the romance alive. Of course you don't always have to go out on a date together or do typical romantic things, but the small things do go a long way. When there is romance alive and well in a marriage, then the sex comes along with that. The more romantic the two of you are, then the more intimate you become. Keep the romance alive and well and that will help to keep your sex life exciting.

You should always have an amazing sex life, even if the two of you have been married for years. Sex is important and it is vital to your marriage. Never compromise sex and never rush it. Savor the moment when the two of you become intimate and this will make your sex life so much better and far more enjoyable. Make sex exciting and keep it alive in your marriage and you will never fall into a rut again.

Find out what you can do, starting today, to completely transform the intimate relationship you have with your spouse from this helpful site.

Most couples struggle with intimacy at some point. They're either both too tired, too stressed or simply not that interested anymore. It doesn't have to be that way. If you miss the intimate moments with your spouse there is help. Don't waste one more minute wishing things were different in the bedroom, change it now.

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Many women prefer to hear the praise. And if it is, then no wonder his favorite person in the face. Interestingly, however, have appreciated that there are a lot of angry women to hear. Becoming much more common words that happy again. Even though the word lie! Choices women want to be happy?? Read the sentences in which each of the 10 special quality to hear from women like her favorite person.

Liking that most men prefer women

1. You are pretty much:
It is nice to hear from women much more like their favorite person. The man said that the praise you feel today is pretty nice. If the woman is much more happy.

2. You are the first woman in my life:
Men, if you have any of the women said that the women in my life. If you are happy and with a lot more woman are believed. Men feel more blessed to love more.

3. You are quite attractive:
Women like to make myself interesting. Because men prefer attractive women. And if any man say that's pretty interesting if you're much more happy woman.

4. You can be a good mother:
Mother wants all women. But how many can be a good mother? It is not easy to be a good mother. Listen to this word from his mouth favorite women are quite like that, you can be a good mother.

5. Your whole life you lead with me:
Thus, men are propose. Both before making such a kind of love that you'll love affairs are to be made. Let him that the boy wants girl propose. When the boys heard the word of mouth that is why women do you Spend your whole life with the woman I have become much more happy.

6. What  do you think about it? :
Decisions or giving priority to talk about is when a woman is much more than the women are happy. When men say that no matter what happened to you in this regard, Cuz? The woman is very happy.

7. One of my most favorite people:
One life is too difficult a subject dear people. Because not everyone can continue to provide the public mind. Women face when men have heard that one of my most favorite people in life that are much more happy woman.

8. You're in my life I'm so happy to be a man:
I am very happy to hear the praise of everyone. These women did not quite like it. The man went on to explain his love of a man and woman, you're a lot happier because I was happy to go.

9. Surely you understand my mind:
A woman in a man's mind can understand. And the men are much more happy. When you have this kind of men that women are indeed very happy when I go mind understand.

10.  I love you very much:
Each of these is love couple much like to hear the sentence. This sentence is a manifestation of love. The remarkable fact, many women prefer to listen to the sentence are favorite people.          


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Following 30 years of age can be a millionaire in 10 steps


Rich or a millionaire to issue a question. Many of his work was only able to work at 30 years of age. It is to dream all my life to someone again. The advice given in the article properly maintaining the impossible just 30 years of age are not a millionaire. Business Insider has a report on the matter.
1. Follow the money
The current situation is not normal income can be a millionaire in your favor. This requires all of the possible ways to increase revenues. The goal is always to follow the way of thinking and will.
2. The Luxury off
Business to gain enough money to be put off until your luxury shopping. All possible ways to save the money to invest. Until enough money more expensive watches, luxury cars or any expend not be back.
3. Save for investment, not for lending
It will only cause your savings to invest in new. No place to invest your saved money is safe. In addition, a savings account that can gain enough.
4. Eliminate non-profit debt
The loan does not give you any money, he Eliminate debt. But the investments in debt can take it if you are a guaranteed profit. Suppose a loan to buy a car from them if your income goes up quite a bit, then it could be.

5. See the money as girlfriend
If you do not money importance, then do not give importance to money. Refuses to pay the money due to them, many people do not grasp. Money consider as first choice. Rather it is to meet the demand for more money to use.
6. Money does not sleep
The watch does not cut the money lasted. He does not know about the holiday. The more you try to do so over time, the wake in the night, the more money will come to you.
7. Being poor is not any money
Keep in mind all the time, no account should not be poor. Just enough to give emphasis on the utilization of labor and money. Quite a few years to get the title of the world's top rich Bill Gates said, "If you're born poor condition, it is not your fault. But if you die poor, it's your fault. '
8. Find a friend and mentor Choices
Most middle-class family and the environment we are born friends - running with a friend. But instead, we can take out the multimillionaire friend and mentor, then it is very effective. Choices not need to take money from friends, many of them will take your suggestion.
9. Exactly to invest money
Exactly a profitable investment for your money, no. The investment will depend on the issue you are a millionaire. If you can not invest enough money to save money, the back of the case.
10. The goal is to keep the big
There are no restrictions on the money. You can earn money with me. But it should be kept in large. If one watches million of income, then it will be a hard time finding you earn. But if the goal is to earn 10 times more than what keeps you did not quite achieve the goals you can earn around him.   SEE MORE

Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Sex is Important ?


Need your sex life is beautiful and easy to make. However, if you just do not have sex, sex will be a pleasant and regular. Even regular pleasurable sex life expectancy will increase. Sex Benefits for readers natunadinera organized this time.

Reduce stress: Sex helps reduce stress. If there is no way to reduce stress is on hand can be a simple and effective strategy for sex.

Dopamine during sex increases the secretion of hormones. Dopamine is the 'happiness hormone'. Reduces the efficacy of several kinds of hormones such as dopamine, endromin. Increased stress is the leading cause increased secretion of endromin.

You can take as exercise: sex can take as exercise. Sex while breathing - Respiratory rate is increased. As a result, the body does not build up extra fat. It has been estimated, a total of fifteen minutes three times a week in the 7.5 calories of fat by sex

Is transformed. The total fifteen minutes three times a week, although sex is wonderful when walking 75 miles is equal to the energy loss. Sex also increases the amount of oxygen in the cells of the body when exercising. The muscles and bones are more powerful.

Sex can also help control blood pressure: blood pressure decreased during sex. However, it is not just sex, sex, blood pressure control, while time moves in on emotions. Having such a great job, partner through hugging.

Increased disease resistance Sex: Sex increases resistance to disease. Flux - to cure diseases like cough can be sarananna mates than the doctor does. Our body flu-like disease prevention at imiunoglobina. With the rise in the amount set forth in the body imiunoglobina the amount of increase.

Youth hold: Many people want to stay young. I have spoken to them. Youth hold immense importance mates. According to researchers, a skotish, sex three times a week for at least 10 years of age, you will feel less.

Sex is to take care of the heart: the heart can not take care of regular sex. Even sex can save mankind from the danger of heart attack. The entire process will be enjoyable sex but one condition. According to the New England Research Institute study, normal sex life if a man is likely to be 45 percent of heart attack decreases.

For pain relief: even if you get migraine sufferer, or as a way to solve problems, then sex can as pain killer body can choose.

Increase mutual trust: anyone with a friend or a friend might jagatei doubt. When in doubt, without the hassle of sadharanato boyfriend - is premikadera time. This increases the possibility of breaking up the relationship. There is no doubt jagale. Seksai being effective solution. Increases the activity of sex hormones aksitosina name. Aksitasina boyfriend - helps build trust and confidence in premikadera.

Reduce the risk of cancer: the prostate cancer can reduce the likelihood of regular biryaksarana. Australian study found that men in all times, at least 1 of them is out biryapata has reduced the risk of cancer.

Increase muscle strength: Sex in the body takes more muscles. Vesica multiple pesisaha body and colon healthy muscles became so regular sex.

Sex for Better Sleep: There is a good pair of sex as exercise. So, for them, sex is very important for those with sleep problems. As a result of regular sex is good for the body and mind. This is not a problem sleeping at night. 

Period normal: Period sometimes closed due to stress. To minimize stress, do not you know apanito sex pair. So if there abnormalities attention rajahcakre sex life. When sex becomes your normal routine Period . In addition, a number of sex hormones on the body which Period in normal emission.

Long live:
Because of the long stay stress-free life. So the sex reduces stress, improves sex life.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Before marriage is not physically be involved


What do people do for love. That is not the romantic ones became romantically. Others would love to sit turn big mistake. Maybe you think that love is a dream. But later realized that it is nothing more than a huge mistake. This is a stage of life in frustration. For those that love to learn about the work of 10, but later you must be frustration  .

1) Never for the sake of love before marriage is not physically be involved. Because of this, if you are involved in emotional self can not forgive myself. The various unexpected problems can be due to social ride.

2) should not simply be loved rather than the man himself. If you 're really in love with your favorite people, because like you, that you will receive. About the need to change about yourself you can not be mentally happy.

3) For the love of the hobby and do not let the quality of abandonment. The person who really loves you, he will not appreciate your hard-earned properties.

4) Do not believe in love, it is normal. But simply providing additional information should not believe all of the family.

5) boyfriend / girl to spend time visiting with friends or forsake their words should never be provoked. And you will have joy and sorrow because they were next. Therefore, their contribution should not be forgotten in your life.

6) Many boyfriend / girlfriend relationships involved in the breakdown of the family is kayos. Affair with the family opposes the relationship should not simply be wasted. Explain your reasons for your family. Please check their feedback purposes well.

7) Love all your money back, and rushed at the end should not be. For your own safety, never your love do not cost money. Financial aid is not available at the time of danger from someone. So you should be aware of this himself.

8) love getting into trouble or getting the love, attention, annoy or hurt yourself and others. For the love of many people, which is simply not becoming suicidal.

9) boyfriend / girlfriend into the body to think about tattoos? Can be done, but it certainly is not permanent tattoos. Standing in a boyfriend girlfriend tattoos fall into the perpetually caught me pity you wear with it.

10) for the sake of love, boyfriend / girlfriend should not be taken in their own bad habits. Boyfriend / girlfriend, or maybe its the other bad habits of intoxication. You are weak mentally sake of love or if she wants you to create schedules that you practice better to stay away from such relationships.           see more

Wednesday, June 4, 2014




You’re thrilled to be a mom and bursting with love for your baby and your partner. Yet when it comes to sex, you’re not as passionate about intimacy as you once were.

And guess what? Your guy probably isn’t either.

According to a recent survey by UK company Kegel8, after having a baby, 44 percent of women are nervous about having sex for the first time and 20 percent of men have trouble initiating sex.

So whether it’s your first or your fifth baby, find out why you and your man might be struggling in the sack and what you can do to make things hot again.

Why sex isn’t the same.
You go to your six-week postpartum checkup and get the green light from your doctor, but the first time you try to do the deed, it’s uncomfortable, painful and probably a little awkward.

“There’s this idea that everything’s going to be just fine and that’s not the case,” said Lauren Streicher, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist and an associate clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

During labor, tears, stiches and all that stretching can change the pelvic floor, causing pain and bladder control problems— even during sex.

If you’re breast-feeding, your body has high prolactin levels— which lower libido— and low estrogen levels— which can cause vaginal dryness, painful sex and a lackluster sexual response.

“Your hormones and your vagina turn into that of a menopausal woman,” said sex and relationship educator and therapist Dr. Laura Berman, author of “Loving Sex and host of Uncovered Radio.

For mothers of newborns, a lowered desire for sex, combined with sleepless nights and generally feeling overwhelmed allows sex to easily be neglected.

In fact, only 41 percent of women tried to have vaginal sex by the six week mark, according to a study in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Plus, the extra weight, stretch marks, loose skin and leaky breasts, don’t help you feel confident or sexy, which can affect your partner, too. 

“There’s this feeling of, ‘What happened to the sexual being that used to be in my bed?’” Stretcher said.

Although experts say watching the birth won’t turn your guy off from sex, it might cause him anxiety, especially if sex is uncomfortable or painful for you.

“It can take a while for [him] to see that area as sexy again,” Berman said.

While it will take time for sex to be great again, here are some things you can do in the meantime.

See your gyno.
Six months after you stop breastfeeding, if you’re still experiencing pain or discomfort or your hormones seem awry, make an appointment with your doctor.  She can rule out a medical condition and prescribe pelvic floor physical therapy if necessary.

Use lube.

A silicone-based lube is more slippery, lasts longer and is less irritating, which can help with vaginal dryness, Streicher said.

Schedule sex.
The biggest adjustment for couples, according to Berman, is that sex becomes less spur-of-the-moment.

“Once you have a kid, if you wait for it to happen spontaneously, you’re usually waiting a very long time,” she said.

Put it on your calendar at least once a week and if it happens on a whim other times, even better!

Bring your sexy back.
It’s really easy to forget that there’s a sexy woman underneath those sweatpants, which is why it’s a good idea to make time every week to meet your friends (sans kids), exercise or spend solo time with your partner. 

“It keeps the romantic and sexual connection going if each of you together—and apart continue to feed your roles as man and woman and not just parents,” Berman said. 

Make it a priority.
Even if you’re not in the mood, it’s important not to lose sight of sex. Here’s why: Talking, kissing and cuddling might be enough for you, but your guy needs sex to feel the love. He might understand intellectually why you’re not in the mood, but if he is not feeling loved and emotionally connected to you as he did in the past, over time it causes a disconnect, Berman said.

Make modifications.
Don’t worry about stretch marks and extra pounds, because your guy probably isn’t scrutinizing them the way you are.  Wear some sexy lingerie that gives you confidence or swap your bedroom light for a pink light bulb, which gives a more flattering light, Berman said.

Get away.
Ask grandma to take the baby for a night or even a weekend so you and your partner not only have time for sex, but the chance to make it exciting again.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Live with passion and a good life

good life 2014

What it means to live with passion?

    It means to adjust the minutes spend your precious , precious life things that you absolutely love to do do .
    It means to pursue your   dreams.
    It means the risks that you need to take to take a chance to realize your full potential to give themselves .
    It means your life with people who share your values ​​and love for the things that fill you love to do .
    It means to place a high priority on play, fun and enjoy life , no matter what you're doing.

If you already have your life with passion, you do not need anyone to give you five good reasons to live like that . You already know ! But many people are not with joy , much less passion live. Many people live lives of quiet desperation and despair. Many others are just plain boring. Their jobs are boring, nights and weekends are boring, and the people , how they spend their boring time . This 5 good reasons for them.

Five good reasons to live with passion

1st Improved health. Feelings of joy and passion reduce the amount of stress hormones in the body. Excess stress hormones are an essential factor for chronic diseases such as hypertension , diabetes , asthma , heart disease, and many , many others.

2nd Improved wealth. If you do what you love , there is a certain something that extra spark that extra vitality that makes your goods or services for other attractive, and this in turn increases sales or "buy - in " increases the income. Ask yourself : Have you ever heard of a truly great leader who was not passionate about his work ?

3rd Higher levels of success and achievement . Passion has a magnetic quality. It attracts people and resources and interest. After several of these three things around you automatically means you to be more successful .

4th Its more fun! This is obvious, right ? But how many people ( maybe?) Have to enjoy life given ? Sure, I know it's easy to slip into a mind-numbing pattern and check-out. But what is the price ? Only your life , that's all ...

5th Link up with other passionate people . Passionate people happy with other passionate people . It is a great "club" and you should become a member today. Enter your lifetime membership at the Couch Potato Club and the club to join, where passionate, successful people do funny things while the millions roll in.

Are you still not convinced ? What more could you want ? Really it up to a choice of how you live your life , go . Will you be content to merely survive? Or would you be willing to risk giving up, as it has been , the passion to open, and can learn to how to thrive ? The choice is yours.
           see more

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Empowering the R M G girl

 Over the past three decades the Ready made Garment (RMG) sector has become crucial to Bangladesh’s economy. According to the WTO, Bangladesh became the fourth largest RMG producing country in the world after China, EU-27 and Turkey while it has been the largest exporter of cotton T-shirts and the second largest exporter of cotton pullover and jeans for the European Union. Also, Bangladesh’s exports of cotton trousers in the USA ranked second by volume. The RMG sector contributes a staggering 78 per cent of Bangladesh’s foreign exchange earnings, keeps many associated service businesses going and provides employment to millions of workers, approximately 80 per cent of whom are women, who otherwise would be hard pressed to find wage lab our.

Looking into many scientific studies and popular discourses, it is an undeniable fact that the Bangladeshi women workers in the RMG industries in the era of globalisation are absolutely deprived of their lab our rights, vividly manifested in the country’s lab our law. It is equally significant that a large number of industrial reserve army entered in the formal lab our force, who otherwise would have lived unemployed or underemployed. This is why one important debate among the policymakers, academics and the experts is whether the rural, migrant workers who enter the new manufacturing factories in ‘Majority World’ countries experience significant changes in their lives.

From the economic point of view there is no doubt that now women workers are earning cash from a formal sector, which is undoubtedly new in their lives. It is because most women workers came from rural areas, and in those areas almost all of them did not have any formal employment. In terms of earning cash, the status of most workers is now better compared to their previous non-wage earner status. In addition, many women workers readily acknowledge that they are now better off compared to their previous lives from different points of views — their lives have been changed as now they can save some money, though tiny in amount, for the future (some have bank accounts); they can help their parents and siblings by sending money to their village homes; they can go to markets and can shop, although limited in manner, according to their necessities and wishes by their own money; they can eat something, though not always, if they wish; they can enjoy leisure and recreation opportunities such as going to cinema halls or eating in the restaurants. Another significant improvement of the women workers’ lives is their mobility. Now the women workers can visit somewhere without much concern as the garment workers are a significant component of the population of Dhaka City. Interestingly, they have broken the so called Purdah, although different corners in the society still carry out many traditional norms related to Purdah.

Another significant feature for women workers is that now many are in transition towards urban norms (e.g., individualism) in terms of altering their archetype gender role and dependency on their husbands. Almost all the women workers contribute in their families financially. It is also a trend that many workers develop romantic relationships with their co-workers and later they get married. From the perspective of mate selection, it is definitely a progress as in the past girls had little choice regarding mate selection considering the common practice of arranged marriage culture in Bangladesh. It is evident that many workers get married with their co-workers and both the members contribute in the family in terms of sharing family expenditures. On the whole, one can say that the women workers have positive changes in their lives compared to their previous positions. However, it seems contentious that the debate about whether women have become empowered, as some sociologists or others want to adopt, is less useful and telling because the term ‘empowerment’ is too conceptually fuzzy.
What I think appropriate and telling is that through factory jobs women workers enter in capitalist, modern and urban relationships and thereby develop capitalist norms and values in their lives leaving aside, but not discarding, their traditional rural norms and values. And this is why I think it is a transitional phase of their lives. Since, as we know, capitalism cannot be a panacea and since capitalist relations do not always enhance empowerment, there are negative aspects too related to the relative development of these workers’ lives. For example, one cannot deny the fact that most women workers are systematically exploited by the employers in terms of depriving what the workers minimally deserve according to the country’s law. Although the women are now earning money, most of them are earning at the cost of very laborious and exploitative; no doubt, a significant portion of their lab our is unpaid. Hence, it is a matter of argument whether they are better doing enormous work compared to their previous lives having relatively less stress and work. Moreover, because of hard work with little rest who knows whether the workers are developing hidden diseases that they might feel later in their old ages. Indeed, some studies have disclosed that many women workers in Bangladesh suffer from serious illness and their working lives have been shortened due to environmental hazards and sickness. The recent Rana Plaza incident that snatched 1138 lives and the recent Tazreen Fashion snatching 112 lives are also very crucial examples about the vulnerability and insecurity of the female workers in the RMG industries in Bangladesh. These incidents show how the garment workers are working everyday with high life-threatening risks.
One more negative aspect is that the RMG industry in the Majority World has been developed by the necessities of a capitalist world-system, especially in connection with American hegemony. From a micro perspective, decisions on investments and relocation are mainly, though not absolutely, determined by lab our costs where every country is competing against another which has often been described as the race to the bottom. In this globalized process, the third world owners have always a risk of losing the orders, just as the workers have the risk of losing their jobs. Hence, it is an open question whether the employment and development of the poor women in the export-led industrialization is a panacea if taking a broader historical perspective. This is similar to what we encountered in the area of jute and jute good industries in Bangladesh. 

When jute and jute good industries flourished in Bangladesh, the miserable conditions of the workers were explained in terms of first generation workers in early industrialization. After more than 100 hundred years, we have another “first generation industry,” i.e. the RMG industry, where the workers are exploited in an extreme fashion even though some aspects of their lives have changed for the better. In fact, we don’t know at this point whether the vast number of workers will become superfluous in the coming years due to the relocation of RMG production to countries with cheaper lab our forces than Bangladesh. "GO AHEAD BANGLADESH"

Monday, May 12, 2014

Morality verses Sex


In the 21st century it still surprises me to have people state that having sex is a moral issue. The moralists state that you are only allowed sex if you are married. Every other occasion is immoral. If you live with a partner, you are not allowed to have sex because you are not married. If you are only dating, heaven forbid you have sex. And you are definitely on the dammed list if you enjoy a one night stand. Then there is also an age limit. Having sex when you are in your late teens is listed on the criminal activity list.

Where does this come from? Abstaining from sex, or chastity, is such a middle ages concept. The purpose of chastity was to keep a man's wife faithful while he galavanted around taking part in a myriad of wars and jousting tournaments etc. He of course did not have to abide by the same rules.

It was also meant to ensure that young girls would not be 'soiled' before marriage. All of the above having one purpose. The man's possession, the wife present or future, was truly his and untouched by anybody else. On the other hand it could also have started when Christianity first came onto the scene. The Romans and Greeks certainly didn't seem to have the same moral issues about sex.

So far this same principle has continued to this day. Young men are allowed and even encouraged in some societies to 'sow their oats' before marriage. It is often a matter of great pride as to how many women a young man has had sex with. For a woman, being sexually active with more than one partner is often frowned on as a shameful activity. Amongst the more orthodox Muslims a woman's infidelity, whether actual or even just suspected, can lead to a kangaroo type court and a death by stoning penalty.

If the idea of ​​morality and sex is so ancient, why are people still believing in it? Actually for the same reason as before. Men want their woman to belong to them, and only them. The Christian churches support this principle and the orthodox Muslims even have a death penalty to discourage a woman from leaving her husband or being unfaithful. And guess what, the churches and mosques are run by men. And they look after their turf. The disputes rage in many of the Christian faiths as to whether women ministers are allowed. And as for orthodox Muslims, they would roll around laughing at the idea of ​​a woman taking office in their faith.

I was reading a story of an unmarried priest who has quit a top job in the church because she is pregnant. She had a senior position in the Church of England. It is bizarre that such a natural thing as having a baby is such a sin, that she cannot continue to work in the church. She might not even have had sex to fall pregnant. I suppose if the church believes its a sin, they can't be seen to condone it with one of their senior staff members. Pregnancy is fairly obvious and not that easy to hide. Not like molesting young boys, which can be buried.

This issue of morality and sex then brings its weight to bear on one of the consequences and that would be pregnancy. If it is immoral to have sex before marriage, then one can obviously not admit to the fact that one is having or considering having sex. This means that no birth control may be used, as using birth control would automatically confirm the intent of having sex.

For young people especially, this can be very confusing. They are unable to understand the moral issue behind it. Young women do not perceive themselves to be owned by men and don't buy into the 'keeping yourself for your husband' idea. The reason for sex being immoral is therefore not a logical one for them.

For young men to abstain is even more ludicrous. They have grown up being told by their fathers or older brothers, friends etc that it is a manly thing to do, do 'score' with girls. They spend their adolescent years constantly discussing this topic amongst each other. Some stats even go as far as saying that the average young man thinks of sex every few minutes.

Furthermore the media in the western world is full of stories on sex in the form of photographs, films, TV, the internet, you name it. Reality TV often shows fairly detailed sexual encounters. Films portray sex, often in full detail, and not many films show that the couple in question need to have been married first. The moral issue of sex is not discussed often. It is shown as being part of life. Moral issues are left to the discussion of being faithful to ones partner.

The question of abortion elicits a heated discussion amongst pro-lifers and those in support of allowing women the choice whether to continue with a pregnancy or not. If one were to take away the moral issue, and put all girls onto birth control, the issue of abortion would not ever need to come up. Would birth control make any difference in the levels of sexual activity? If it's not immoral would it matter? Besides the moral issue, probably not more than is happening already.

Anja Merret lives in Brighton, UK. Her personal blog allows her to voice opinions on issues that interest her and observations she makes.

She has started a new blog [] that deals with observations on self development and personal power. Her recommendation for self help tools may be found on

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Boys have made a mistake .. During Sex!


 In most cases, the girls enjoy sex in our country, rather than guys like food gapagapa gilatei them more alluring choice. So many girls in this country and the  should be one of the many adorable object of extreme sexual bliss. These boys have seen a lot of the reason that they have a huge attitude fails to keep alive their Relationship. Even in the face of the destruction of the bonds of marriage is a lot like going love affair is triggered. The main reason why the sex and girls sexual desire - the desire of the boys about the lack of transparent concept. Many of these books in foreign languages, but notes that agree Bengal. So with the help of some foreign books and from his own experience that the boys during sex due to the mistakes of some of them briefly grabbed the lead partner aversion. In the absence of immediate things to learn from our mistakes, and remedies could not write about the details. But like all love stories go out in the future will consider writing a substantial Sex Guide.

1. The first kiss is not a kiss with the taste of his beloved khaoyah sex early sanginike yaunakatara venues (breasts, vagina, buttocks, nabhi etc.) may be gone, his ideas with the money to hire him as soon as you realize that you're trying to do. Indeed, one of the two to kiss deeply love sanginike asadharana yaunanandamaya sex begins.

The. Do not kamanoh beard beard kamiye Many had sex, but this seems to me real work kareye hand
And the sex! But when you eat sanginike kissing, cusabena her breasts, her tongue all over the body bulabena
And especially when her vagina cusabena beard and sharp khoca khoca asasti and pain, but in most cases you will enjoy sanginike. So before sex should be carefully shaved.

3. Aloud, most often seen in the early stage of breast tipah guys started to massage her breasts as soon as they get their hands makhacche flour. Although some of the most Extreme daughter loved it demands quite a pain to have to happen before the girl gets the final edge. So at first, but gradually her beloved in tension with a dominant boolean boolean pressed her breast to get started. The girl, however, that there is no problem if you have to press hard.

4. With some exceptions, almost any girl botaya nipples bitten deyah botaya direct their nipples bitten
Do not like to eat. Boys think if the bite can be excited him more. Yes Its partly true. It's the best way. Yatatuka inside the mouth can be the first to take stanata whole or in part should be filled with light from the face of the tooth Shaking nipale stanata to find happiness, to put it gently, the two teeth.

5. Mate as a boy with his finger, breast bota bota moranoh fingers moraya they are tuned to the radio., It is not. May be the most sensitive places bota girls breasts, but just botaya Doing so is not it lovely, but somewhat painful (Teasing). So bashfully
Bota fingers with the other hand while playing the entire breast will be hard to keep track.

6. Do not pay attention to other parts of the body during sex partner deyah boys will always remember one thing that the girls breasts, vagina and buttocks tinatii them this is the only place yaunakatara.
Boys in the sexual pleasure of the limited space, but the girls are just a few of their body
Full dehai sensitive (any part of the body of the girls in this short essay, and explain more yaunakatara'm going to do it.)., So that her body does not even have a place where children thotera
Or hands could touch.

7. Son's hand stuck mate yaoyah the attacking (Aggressive) prefers sex vaginal girl boy itself was extremely excited, touching breasts, etc. If the hatarate like mad on her bra pyanti or may be stuck in his hands. Try spreading it to stop as a result of forced sex and a romantic obsession (Mood) was created may damage it. Aggressive bra before sex so much - good pyanti removed.

8. Go suck a lot akramanah bhagankure bhagankure cheleimeyera vagina (clitoris) fingers loudly
To rub sit akramanai. For those who do not know the guys clitoris yaunakatara places most of the girls. The position of the thin skin around the vaginal incision, as part of the (labia) at its top, the girls down the street urine. This place is a little hard to yaunattejita girls it can easily be seen as a result of swelling. Although this place is extremely sensitive fingers to rub it aloud distressing for women. So it's a little early to grind slowly fingers.

9. Neoyah rest pause a little time for the guys stood in the way of such extreme excitement can begin again from the place, as it is not in favor of girls. They need enough time to be excited. The ultimate way to get excited when they stopped suddenly goes back up again, so again

It is making them excited. There is so much misery, let her come Tensions

Will continue to try to kiss him.

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Girls always say that 13 lies



Some girls just like to nurture rejected or situation . They do this to avoid a lot of conflict or contention . Among them is the famous 13 girls wishes to know :
1 . I have been waiting for you, do not phone .
2.  I like you , but do not know when I 'll be making love .
3 . Now if I decide to spend the night there , but not to you 'll .
4 . I think you should share our bill . Why do you always have to give ?
5 . I could never understand - it would take me so well .
6 . Funny thing is sex .
7 . However, the bad boy and  hail less head . But the money is there. Be sure to get a life .
8 . I do not want to have to hold everything . fake word do not want to .
9 . I just wanted to you .
10 . If I am not with him , but he was able to find another answer .
11 . I do not have any mistakes , I am wrong somewhere .
12 . I 'm good with the people in your house . However , they have a family of my own .
13 . If you want to be friends - I do not mind . I thought so . Why nobody complications ?

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Orgasms : Having the UN Tonight Wegasm
A simultaneous orgasm just seems like the stuff of legends . You You can make this happen scams Advanced Carnal Knowledge

Any type it Pretty Awesome Orgasm , But one sin Location Doubts The UN Summit Peak is the simultaneous Big O, O Wegasm paragraph USE A term coined For connoisseurs of Durex Condoms s . Sex spectacular Florist service , no matter who takes off first , but hay good Parr OR TREAT of synchronized Reasons difficult thing to achieve : According to the UN in recent survey released sex Journal of Medicine , the concurrent Climax During Sexual Intercourse With are the associated STRONGER Relationships , Life that more sizzling sexual and One More happy perspective in life. " In addition, physically and emotionally , may be a loss of individual limits momentary , A SENSE Truth -In-One With Another Convertible " EXPLAINS Study author , Stuart Brody , Ph.D.

A deeper understanding of how it can be can ALL DO click on the turn everything final without , need Parr synchronized -up experience . But without hay Every Time I aim at the moon, INCLUDING That alone see Stars Wegasm You will have occasional empty .

Get the UN Head Start
If you WAIT Having an orgasm without reinforces the possibilities that THIS happens, According to the UN Study of Sexual Psycho physiology Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin. AND THIS APPLIES to Synchronized Climax so . " Expectations play no role in the very Important Sexual Results " given Lawrence Tierney , Researcher and PhD student at the University . "By Paying Attention to Signs Soste - Small Things That erotic lit, and sea A song, a scent , memory A - . Precedent In hours , you can prepare both A Time For Themselves in bed Even Nicer "

Sync Up: Getting pre - Listen To Each Other Reach before the Room Why Flirting and La Conexion , given Rachel Abrams, MD, co - author of The Multi Orgasmic Couple . Text on a hot UNOS Other Work Package Parr shell out as sexy More Forward Parr . Stealing UNOS Minutes Parr Think it during the day . " Orgasm A WOMAN head begins . Their Thoughts and Feelings of Signals send one basket once the suspension Hormones do a cash flow blood vulva do increase , making it more sensitive and ready View paragraph sex" Abrams dice . But once the fight Be ready Parr , Air Care of The Leisure has mood Que Que can kill your mutual busting mojo, As A Nagging Problems BlackBerry buzzing or body - Confidence that . Mantegna the two pairs of eyes on the prize coital shared .

Reaching the Plateau
Most of the Good Guys child Parr IR In a matter of minutes .

"Men of the child as the light switches , while women like the MAS son of Complex dashboards " EXPLAINS Diana Hoppe, MD, author of Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You : What Your life revelation About libido. Put another way: It may need more time - and foreplay - the stage of pre Getting Parr - Orgasmic called the plateau, the time preceding Climax High pleasure .

Sync Up: To fit sos promotions, hair and need to be touched Taken while Has To Be Laid your kid. "He who must Centralism getting excited state at the UN contralto , while Macho DO SAME no stimulation - THEN quickly comes to care You Parr WHEN he is ready " given Lorenz.

" This raises the possibility that the two From the Same Time Very excited key chain . " Her clitoris engorging itself s range Preparation For Orgasm itself About ASI The more excited you become, the more sensitive regions to lower Suspensions Sera contact your When you're ready to Parr 's More Focused stimulation Guaira YOUR hands and mouth of his neck, and Back of Your Thighs Places tO mayor intense interest , given Amy Cooper , Ph.D. , Author of The Everything Orgasm Book Paragraph All- You - Guide Need more satisfying sex that never you will have . Meanwhile Parr Help Build do emotion - the sin that makes you boil About buttocks - Gently rub and Part Instance Your Inner thigh , and whispered to the ear .

In When You're Hot and Wet widely , to get into positions I encourage stimulation of the clitoris, Women I most need Parr Reaching Climax , given Abrams. " For example, if the TE portion Behind penetration , intense son Parr Sensations BOTH THE Florist penetrate deeply , and that the this position manual stimulation of the clitoris easier so ago .. " TREAT Other Strategic Movement Parr : "Technical alignment coital " CAT AS Known so , a variation of the tried and true missionary position and you do boy Changes ahead weight and Their scam LEGS Force wrapping Around , keeping Relatively simple . TOWARDS you press up, as the rocking gently back , allowing you to grind against the ESA and maximize fabulous Friction C -spot.

Stop and G -O
To stay in the same track, May be Necessary Flower boy yes WHEN Things do slow start to heat up . Can YOU MUST from the Pump The Brakes , and That One Instance Important Part synchronized orgasm is a line you do not keep getting Until right at the edge of East abyss.

Sync Up: Technique " superficial and deep " and prolong Florist Delaying big bang. Little Digs Deep stimulate excitement Reduce sensitive area around La Marcha do clitoris and do - while Deep thrusts stimulate the penis head and the area of pleasure do do length .

" To Be With You Send MAKE your kid some deep breathing exercises or lunges Curb sos Parr A Little More Time buy " given Cooper. SI Able to Separate Your Thoughts divert TOWARDS algorithm do erection, THEREFORE THIS You can keep in pace . FOR EXAMPLE , HOW CAN bath concentrate on the muscles of his legs transient.

From When the two are Ready For Big O, dicing Other UNOS one . More Than Words Can Say Vece about the Shares. And once you've harnessed Some mutual harmony ,  you'll be clamoring for a repeat performance.

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Risk of stroke

blobposting 2014

The risk of stroke compared to men over women 

Risk of stroke in women more than men . Doctors said  , primarily high blood pressure during pregnancy and hormones - are responsible for the various reasons . They also gave some guidelines in stroke care to avoid this . The American Heart Association says one of the warnings , given the common complications of pregnancy , taking birth control pills , hormone replacement therapy , migraine , and cardiovascular disease than the risk of stroke in women than men suffer. Journal of the American Heart Association, stroke recently - regarding a report is published. 
The report's authors and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North California serila busanela stroke center director said , ' You men and women like you , you will be in the risk of stroke . High blood pressure , smoking and diabetes are responsible for such consideration . If your case is more associated with hormonal , reproductive health , child bearing and yaunata - related to other issues . " The women are more at risk as a result of stroke . 
Some doctors have been directed towards the prevention of stroke in women in the initial report . It has been suggested that the control of high blood pressure in pregnancy . Much blood pressure during pregnancy increases the risk of stroke in women . This crisis has been talking to aspirin and shorter women continue to suffer . It is capable of bearing the child of a woman before his blood pressure should pay attention to the contraceptive pill . And older women have to watch his hrtspandanera anomalies .

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Improve your love life

Using the recommendations of the Sex adult guide could help improve your love life

improve your love life

Many books have been written for adults only. These books contain not only the jokes, the list of sex tips and discussions on various issues and to focus on the adult game. You can view the details online and then download the correct information can be read at your leisure. "Only men" Many sites are also available, where you can register as a member. Men openly discuss sensitive issues and share views and opinions on the Internet. Newsletter is sent, you will receive information on the latest in fashion, accessories, food and more.

Some people are naturally good lover. They were able to keep their women happy doing what one is natural. The important thing is that you have to learn to relax. Should focus less on trying not to ejaculate too early, and more on the fact that your boyfriend is in the right conditions. A woman who prefers to take his time enjoying the sensations and foreplay, which allows you to reach your peak. Learn how to kiss and caress her so that she was overjoyed. You can get more information about any online guide adult sex. Take the time to choose the first sees. Finding information is one thing, but its implementation will be the difference.

Sex Guide for the elderly have more accurate information about the secret sex hot buttons you need to press, the pressure can be applied and how to control himself and burst forward. In the privacy of your room, you can try different options and methods. You can completely change his cave to make it look attractive, lighting candles outraged, or you can enjoy a Jacuzzi whirlpool bath with beautiful red rose petals and essential oils of lavender roses. The whole environment should be attractive with soft music playing in the background. Do not overdo any because it can scare your partner away.

Use hot sex tips that contained Sex Guide for adults. Remember, kinky sex may interest your partner. Discuss your likes and dislikes and try to mutual benefit most from your efforts. SEE MORE

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The Feel Good Moral

Pseudo morality Sexuality

good moral 2013

Televisions, stereos, computers, video games, and friends, there are other children who develop from the right and wrong of the family. What you think children should develop their own sense of morality than institutions outside the parents? In the rush of life, perhaps the other parent inclined to turn the children to one of the media for a long time. This does not mean that the children, clear expectations, to develop what is right and wrong has a behavior. This also allows you to determine the children, the rights and wrongs of social conventions to which they are exposed. Do you ever hear the word moral relativism? Moral relativism means that moral standards are grounded in social custom. Morality defined as good deeds.

Do you know how to get a good Deed best to keep the social custom is hurtful? Don ย ด t worry, I do not know the answer. The concept of morality and relativism was contradictory. Thought the prevailing custom of the community needs a step protection to prevent, contain immorality. What remains has a behavior in check if the morality that contains the Absolute and wrong? Today, more and more children are the parents' acceptance ย ด "feel good" morality, which is often the cause inflict harm to another. If you received has a behavior comes to social habits, has a behavior in morally acceptable relative to moral point of view.

A person ย ด s thought about the practice of social work influenced by music, television, film, literature, and social trends. If that was not held to standards that Absolute in terms of right and wrong has a behavior, they also began to lose the ability to give to the bar between good and evil. Do you have searched for Feel good over the type, drugs, material possessions, or open expressions of anger or rage? Your thoughts are rational, considering that you can maintain a relationship that is healthy landscape while pursuing only those that make you feel good? What is right or wrong without the Absolute morality? Wonder how you do this Absolute standard set. This is defined in the Mediterranean other detail in the next chapter.

Susan is a seventeen-year-old grew up in a family that does not teach morality. Susan and her friends have conversations with the classroom teacher and adviser of sexual activity is appropriate that the two agree and safer sex was practiced. Through the media and discussed with the student, Susan means that the act of oral sex than sexual penetration in the Act was not. Susan loves her boyfriend and decides this way to keep the virgin and her boyfriend loves her.

You can Susan or Susan ย ด s parents see the example? If you have watched the news and special reports on television, you are informed that this example of the young people. Many boys and girls are believed to be virginity by engaging in oral sex. They look at the social custom of not speaking style. Where you hear? This is another example of moral relativism. The conclusion was made by Susan not based on rational processes Thought. When Susan began the same actions defined in direct opposition to the Absolute moral code, an action of love and intimacy, it will be more rational decisions. If parents make her expectations in the sky has a behavior based on the specific virtues, they will face the responsibility for the decision of one of the parents of ย ด appear on the morality or not.

This is not for people who are not involved in the Susan sexual relationship. You may want to know the person who has a behavior which was not since the was adopted by the parents or other system of care in life. He and his friends had to learn what virtues should guide decisions that develop expectations and behaviors based on this virtues. This will align expectations with parents ย ด expectations in these areas. You believe that oral sex is not the only type of start they did not provide for the display and Absolute morality. As you can see, irrational thoughts can not be used to justify the trust that has a behavior. People who think in relative terms, moral experience difficulties will identify the cause of Pain to others.

The abuse that children suffer in the family also contributed to the irrational mind. Do not you see how you think and act as parents contribute to their children ย ด s Pyongyang the thoughts and behaviors? More than three children die every day as a result of abuse in the home. In 1998, approximately 1,100 children died from abuse and neglect. Most of the children who died Sunday at the age of five, 38 percent of children under the age of 1 is the most common cause of death for infants and young children. This includes Falls, Cook on food, suffocation, drowning, residential fires and motor vehicle accidents. Almost half of the cases of substantiated neglect and abuse in a family with a single parent assigned ย ด s alcohol or drug abuse. As described above, the addictions to the irrational thoughts that are grounded.

Children can act out a negative message directly, sexual and physical abuse and moral relativism in enterprising way because of the irrational thoughts that develop them.

Brendan Smith was sixteen years old when she killed two people and wounded nine. He has decided to take a 22-gun caliber right color from her house to the entrance of the Grover Cleveland Elementary education shall be in the school San Diego, California, shooting, January 29, 1979. They discussed how the increasing violence from abusive home. She says that her father beat and sexually abused her for years. He Mediterranean ". Together with the father I ย ด ย ด s bed until I was 14 years old," she and the woman to her father to buy a gun for Christmas, he asked for the radio. Brendan was the original school Ram pager.

2 September 1996 broke fourteen-year-old Barry Loutitia in algebra class at Frontier Junior High School in Moses Lake, Washington, with a gun and a high-Powered taken three students and a teacher. Two students and a teacher died. Students recalled that one of the students is taken Barry, the man who always turns. Barry ย ด s mother believed that one of the song-a song that you hear Barry led the people to commit the crime. Father suggested that the family is the third generation ย ด Worth of depressive illness in the family. Barry ย ด s mother told the judge her son is considered a "person of trust" and all the people. He then on to the plans was to kill himself in front of her Ex-husband and boyfriend in Valentine's Day including ย ด s Day 1996. Him and honor students in school.

Pain in the Family will be Air and other options in the media. The medium also advocated abuse. Do you know that the person who supports pedophilia in science? In the April 22, 2002 edition of U.S. News & World Report, John Leo wrote an article titled "apologists for pedophilia." Larry Constantine, a Massachusetts family therapist and the type of author that children "have the right to call himself sexually, that they may or may not have contact with people from the old himself." Ward ell Romero, co-author of the original Kinsey report, stating incest "can sometimes as advantage." Minnesota sociologists contain pedophile sex with "intimate relationship is important and valuable." There pro pedophilia rationalizations are made today.

Some of this is the rationalizations of the following statements: "Children are sexual beings with the right to change their partners." "The quality of the relationship, not age, determines the value of the type." "Most pedophiles are gentle and safe." "The destruction of pedophilia usually come from the horror of parents are shocked at the type of its own." A controversial new book called harmful to minors: The perils of protecting children from sex by Author Judith Levine, including a foreword by former Surgeons General Jocelyn elders. A report that the book plays down the dangers of pedophilia and Levine thinks this is a good time to support "some kind of priest-boy". The report discusses how "fault of the Spirit" trickling into the popular culture, including the school system. TOM O ย ด Carrol was asked the international convention of the rights of persons in Paris from pedophiles and partners to tackle child. The book is a pedophile in a course at the University of Cambridge. If the community has a behavior to find that acceptable, pedophilia has a behavior is morally acceptable. Sounds like a sensible you think?

Here are several examples of irrational patterns of thought:

Think perfectionist - If statements / thoughts: In a relationship, you criticize yourself and phrases like "I should", "I", "I" or "I should not ย ด t".

A tendency to think in Absolute black or white, all or nothing thinking. No middle ground, no room for error. Many people who survived the abuse you think that term. They describe feeling only the relationship of terms of happiness or anger.

Labeling on the internal experience or feeling based on: the tendency to take isolated events and the rule of experience. "If I had not failed, I will never be successful." "If I made a mistake, if I ever make a mistake." "I feel bad, I had bad."

Negative Thoughts and tends to always focus on the negative and positive aspects of the situation can be avoided. Children experience and opportunity, the problems in the relationship are resolved will determine what type of lens you view the world. "I can not work through this event and gain valuable experience," or "no hope that this situation better or to solve the problem." This means that you can blow out of the situation. "My decision to go on a business Trip was for death of wife in car accident."

Factors that lead to irrational thoughts

Mental illnesses - panic, phobias, depression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, thought disorders, hyperactivity, personality disorders.

Trauma - abuse, witness horrific events, kidnapping, harassment and life-threatening events. To receive notification of a negative - not wanted, out, not a favorite, not good enough (perfectionism), or decisions not to think too (co-dependency).

Family and social terms - 60% of the families are single parent families, 75% of the holder of each parent, larger houses, better for the children.

Moral relativism - the moral and social exclusion - "feel-good society" issues of sexuality, music, television, video games and a quick solution to the problem.

Each of these factors Leads person to himself and away from the vote as he or she appears to others in context. Self-directed activity has the potential to cause harm to another in a relationship. Pain in the subtle relationship on what causes most of the problems in the relationship is not physical or sexual abuse. The missing element of the relationship is the deliberate attempt to integrate the ultimate morality in the relationship, which can be evaluated in a fair process. In connection with the book, I outline just how to evaluate injured in a relationship with ways to cure this Pain.LEARN MORE

Morality and SEX

 Sex and Morality


In the 21 Century, it is still amazes me that people say that sex is a moral issue. The moralists say that you are entitled to have sex when you are married. At any other time is immoral. If you live with a partner, not allowed to have sex, and who is not married. If you are just starting out, God forbid you have sex. And surely you are on the list, if you want a dammed night. Then there is also an age limit. Sex when you are listed in your youth in criminal activities.

Where is it? Abstain from sex or age is a concept of chastity as a means. The purpose of chastity is to keep a man faithful husband while he gallivanted course for participation in many wars and jousting tournaments, etc., he did not follow the same rules.

It also aims to ensure that the young woman would not be "dirty" before marriage. It all makes sense. The presence of men, women currently or in the future, it is true, and independently of any other person. On the other hand, it can be started when Christianity for the first time on stage. The Romans and Greeks certainly did not seem to have the same moral dilemma about sex.

Right now, applies this principle to the present day. Young men are allowed and even encouraged in some societies to "sow their oats" before marriage. It is often a matter of great pride that the number of women that a young man has had sex. For a woman to be sexually active with more than one partner is often frowned upon as a shameful activity. Among Muslims traditionally a woman's infidelity, whether real or only suspected, could lead to a kangaroo court and sentenced to death by stoning.

If the idea of ​​morality and sex is so old, why do people still believe in him? In principle, for the same reasons as before. Men want their women among them, and only them. The Christian churches support this principle and the orthodox Muslims have left even the death penalty to deter a woman her husband or become ill. And you know what, churches and mosques are run by men. And guard their territory. Rabies misunderstanding of many Christian denominations, whether the Minister is allowed. And as for Muslims traditionally, they revel in laughter at the thought of a woman who took office in their faith.

I read a story of a married priest, who gave up a higher position in the church because she was pregnant. He had a high position in the Church of England. It's strange that something as natural as the birth of a child as a sin, you can not continue to work in the church. Although he may have had sex pregnant. I think if the Church believes that it is a sin that can not be considered as a support of the senior officials considered. Pregnancy is pretty obvious and not so easy to hide. It's not like abused children who may be buried.

The problem of morality and sex takes your weight on one of the consequences to influence, and be pregnant. If there have immoral sex before marriage, then it can not accept the fact of course that one has or thinking about sex. This means that no contraceptive can be used, such as the use of contraceptives automatically confirm the intention of sex.

For young people, in particular it can be very confusing. They fail to understand the moral issues behind him. Young women do not see themselves as assets of individuals and do not buy the "maintenance from her husband the idea.'' S sex is immoral, therefore, not a logical one to them.

For young men to renounce is ridiculous. They grew up, who said that their parents or older siblings, friends, etc., that do a person take you., The "brand" of the young woman They spend their teenage years continuously focuses on every topic. Some statistics even goes so far as to say that the average young man thinks about sex every few minutes.

In addition, the media in the western world full of stories about sex in the form of photos, movies, television, Internet, whatever. Reality TV shows are often very detailed sexual encounters. The films portray sex, often in detail, and not many movies that some must have been married in question be before. The moral question of sex is not often discussed. It is shown as part of life. The moral question is left to the discussion of loyalty partners.

The issue of abortion raised a heated debate between advocates of life and the people in favor of making women the opportunity to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy. If you take the moral issues and all the girls were on birth control, the issue of abortion is not always come. Comptroller birth, it makes no difference in the level of sexual activity? If not immoral, more important? Besides the question of morality, perhaps not more than has already occurred.    See More